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"Enjoy A Life Outdoors"

Owner and operator Sean Frazier started in this industry shortly after graduating high school. It all started with shoveling snow and plowing commercial parking lots for a former employer. While attending college for a bachelors degree in business, Sean continued working full time in the landscape industry providing landscape maintenance and snow management to large commercial properties. 


Continuing in the industry Sean switched gears to work full time for another company that provided residential landscape services and snow plowing to homes in Andover, MA and North Andover, MA. While shaping skills and learning more about the industry, Sean's career continued with that company for 5 years into the start of Backwoods Landscaping in 2013. 


Backwoods Landscaping has been providing services to the Merrimack NH area for 11 years now. Sean has been committed to keeping the business small by working as an owner / operator with no employees. This allows for a more personal relationship with clients bringing more focus to details. "I truly love what I do!" That's what allows Sean to bring a high quality service to your property day to day. 

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